The World Stormrider Surf Guide iBook

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$39.99 – Apple iOS only

The World Stormrider Surf Guide is the biggest, most comprehensive, reference guide to the waves on “Planet Surf”. This mammoth book explores every dynamic surf zone known to man, from world-famous beaches to obscure reefs on the fringes of the known surf world. By comparing surfing regions across the globe it makes the perfect companion for choosing your next surf travel destination. Each surf region includes:

  1. Summary – positives and negatives
  2. Introduction – setting the scene on the World stage
  3. Descriptions of the surf spots with break names highlighted
  4. Hotspots – expanded break descriptions for World famous spots
  5. Stormrider spot map  – with symbols depicting: wave size range; bottom contour and wave type
  6. Swell and Wind forecasting information
  7. Statistics: bi-monthly seasonal ‘traffic lights’; swell; wind; water/land temperatures; rainfall
  8. Travel Information: weather; lodging and food; nature and culture; hazards and hassles; handy hints
  9. Photography – the most descriptive shots from the World’s best surf photographers.




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