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Recommended Region

Seychelles, Seychelles, INDIAN OCEAN

In the Seychelles, small, clean, relatively uncrowded surf does exist, but Mahé suffers from a long, shallow shelf and sits too far W for the normal groundswell angles in the Indian Ocean. It’s extremely inconsistent, relying on a major S swell to hit, or for consistent onshore winds to create surf on the few exposed beaches. However, it’s an island of outstanding natural beauty, granite rock and lush mountains, with narrow coastal strips of gorgeous white-sand beaches.

Surf Spots

Grande AnsesandSE - SW
Barbaronslive coralS - SW
Anse aux Poules Bleuesuneven reefSE - SW
Anse Gaulettedead coralSE - SW
Anse Intendanceuneven reef & sandSE - SW
Police Bayuneven reef & sandSE - S
Anse Bougainvilledead coralSE - SW
La Passedead coralSE - S
Northeast Point dead coralNE - SE
CaranasandN - SE
Grande Anse (La Digue)uneven reef & sandE - S
Pointe Camilledead coralSE - S
Frégate Islanddead coralSE - S