These Stormrider eBooks fit in the palm of your hand, don’t require an internet connection and are ideal for use on the road. Each book is available in Apple iBook and Amazon Kindle versions.

Continent Stormrider eBook example

Continental eBooks

These eBooks are taken directly from the World Stormrider Surf Guide text and are ideal for use when planning your surf travel destination. Each eBook compares all the regions in each continent or Ocean. Regional information includes:

  1. Summary – positives and negatives
  2. Introduction – setting the scene on the World stage
  3. Stormrider spot map  – with symbols depicting: wave size range; bottom contour and wave type with Google Maps links for zooming and satellite views
  4. Descriptions of the surf spots with break names highlighted
  5. Hotspots – expanded break symbols for World famous spots
  6. Swell and Wind forecasting information
  7. Statistics: swell; wind; water/land temperatures; rainfall
  8. Travel Information: weather; lodging and food; nature and culture; hazards and hassles; handy hints
  9. Photography – the most descriptive shots from the World’s best surf photographers.

Country eBooks

Country Stormrider eBook example10. These eBooks include all the features above plus more detailed surf spot information, a full set of symbols – including wave size range; wave type; swell window, bottom type, optimum tide and optimum wind direction – together with an online google map link for every break.

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