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NEW XL FORMAT – 33x25cm | 450 PAGES

There can only be one World Stormrider Surf Guide, and this is the one! All info has been updated and spiced up with fresh photos. I simply can not put it down, I have to keep on reading! *****

Includes complete content in Apple iBook format and a Stormrider Surf Journal as a bonus.

Now if you buy the beautiful, fat and ridiculously heavy World Stormrider Surf Guide in paper, we will give you all the content in a beautiful, sleek and impossibly light Apple iBook worth a whopping $40. You also get a free Stormrider Surf Journal to keep a record of your surfing sessions, trips and much more. Heavy deal, isn’t it?

Please Note: Once you order through our website we will send you the Apple iBook code in a separate email. This may take anything from an to hour to a day or two. It is generated by  hand so it is affected by the time of day and weekends. We’ll always do our best to get the code to you as quickly as possible.

So why do you need two copies of the same book? Well it’s to save the planet of course! Firstly, you will use the paper book to virtually fly around the World, mind-surfing the myriad of reefs, points and beachbreaks, without leaving the comfort of the couch and save all those mega-tonnes of carbon. Next, once you have chosen the destination to blow your annual carbon credits on, travel with the relevant chapter of the World Stormrider Surf Guide on your choice of iOS device and feel smug in the knowledge the plane is flying faster and lighter as the beast of a book takes a well-earned break on your coffee table. The iBook also works offline, saving battery, data charges and wifi waves (just like the paper book!).

You get:

  • 1 x World Stormrider Surf Guide = £45/€55/$59.95
  • 1 x Stormrider Surf Journal = FREE (worth £15/€18/$20)
  • World Stormrider Surf Guide iBook = FREE (worth $40)


So here’s the small print. This deal is for Apple devices only (OSX and iOS only). Sorry Android, but the computer says no! Once you order through our website we will email you the Apple codes. Orders will be despatched by DHL  (tracked) and Royal Mail (untracked) depending on territory.

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The World Stormrider Surf Guide is the biggest, most comprehensive, reference guide to the waves on “Planet Surf”. This mammoth book explores every dynamic surf zone known to man, from world-famous beaches to obscure reefs on the fringes of the known surf world. By comparing surfing regions across the globe it makes the perfect companion for choosing your next surf travel destination. Each surf region includes:

  1. Summary – positives and negatives
  2. Introduction – setting the scene on the World stage
  3. Descriptions of the surf spots with break names highlighted
  4. Hotspots – expanded break descriptions for World famous spots
  5. Stormrider spot map  – with symbols depicting: wave size range; bottom contour and wave type
  6. Swell and Wind forecasting information
  7. Statistics: bi-monthly seasonal ‘traffic lights’; swell; wind; water/land temperatures; rainfall
  8. Travel Information: weather; lodging and food; nature and culture; hazards and hassles; handy hints
  9. Photography – the most descriptive shots from the World’s best surf photographers.


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