South America eBook


Some of the finest Pacific surf real estate on the planet can be found snaking down the western shoulder of South America, sandwiched between the lofty spine of the Andes and the limitless blue fetch of the South Pacific. Curving to face the onslaught of SW Antarctic swell, this arid, long coastline has been shaped by a generous, goofy-footed god, who created an abundance of over-long, leg-shattering left pointbreaks. The chilly Humboldt Current acts as a swell super-highway, bringing year-round waves, topped up by North Pacific vagabond pulses. More cold water, stormy waves stalk the southern Atlantic side of the continent, before giving way to warmer tropical waters and a carnival of beachbreaks, ready to party when either a local windswell or a well-travelled groundswell arrives from either hemisphere. The cherry on top is the seasonal offering for Caribbean coastlines, adding extra flavour to South America’s already tasty feast of waves.

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