The World Stormrider Guide – Volume Two

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80 more reasons to go travelling

Eighty new and exciting surf zones for those looking to escape the crowds and surf somewhere just a little different. Detailed description of the Environment for each regional chapter including notes on pollution, erosion, access and hazards, plus essential country statistics, ocean buoy locations and a listing of Environmental organizations and surf travel companies. Each of the 80 zone spreads focus on a particular area and provide accurate wave descriptions, a detailed zone map, swell, wind and water temperature tables, Stormrider symbols for wave size, bottom contour and wave type, plus quick reference pros and cons and an easy to use, monthly guide showing when to go. Travel Info includes getting there, getting around, accommodation, food, night life, culture, climate, dangers, costs, crowds, visas, equipment, and water quality. For more information on which zone each volume covers click the “Zone Info” link above right.

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