Central America and The Caribbean eBook


Central America has become a veritable surfing playground where the wave-rich deserts, jungles and tropical islands host some of the most fun and funky surf spots around. Perennial, long-period, Pacific swells break in bath-warm water, enticing the global surf community to not only taste the power of some of the world’s best beachbreaks and points, but to buy into the region in a big way. Surf camps and schools manufacture new devotees, while local surfing populations grow steadily, yet crowds are the exception along much of this wild, undeveloped coast. Meanwhile, the Caribbean continues to pump in northern hemisphere winter, generally under the radar of much of the surf press, hiding behind a turquoise curtain of expensiveness, inconsistency and onshore winds. This somewhat misleading reputation leaves some top-class line-ups devoid of crowds and a chance to sample some tropical perfection in a beautiful and relatively safe environment.



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